Three Types Of Postcards For Your Business To Send

Posted on: 1 May 2023

Distributing postcards through the mail can be a worthwhile project for many different businesses. While real estate companies and dental clinics often reach out to prospective clients and patients in this manner, the reality is that a wide range of businesses can benefit from this form of marketing. If postcard distribution appeals to you, find a local commercial printing service that can both design and print your postcards to meet your specifications. There are all sorts of types of postcards that you may wish to have your business send, including the following.

Grand Opening

If you're a new business, there are lots of ways to reach out to prospective clients. While online advertising can often be effective, don't overlook the value of using postcards. Many local residents will spend at least a few seconds scanning your postcard when it arrives in the mail, especially if it has a colorful look and catchy design. Prior to your grand opening, think about distributing postcards to various neighborhoods around your area. The postcard can identify your store, provide your location, share your social media accounts, and share what types of deals you're offering as part of your grand opening. Ideally, people will set aside the postcard and plan to visit.

New Staff

Another option to consider is distributing postcards in the mail to celebrate the hiring of a new staff member. This campaign can especially be useful in certain fields. For example, if you're a chiropractor who runs a local clinic, and you've recently hired a second chiropractor, this can be a good time to design and send postcards. This printed product will alert the community to the arrival of this new healthcare provider, which can be exciting for people who wish to book a chiropractic appointment but have perhaps had trouble seeing you because of a long waiting list.

Award Announcement

If your company has recently won an award, either in its industry or in the community, it can be worthwhile to alert the community to this achievement. A fun way to do so is with postcards, which can have a design that shares information about the accomplishment. Many companies pair award announcements with sales. For example, you might decide that to celebrate your accomplishment, you're offering a discount on anyone who takes their postcard to your store. In effect, this turns the postcard into a coupon, which some people will be eager to keep handy and redeem — thus helping bring more customers to you.


mail out fliers to promote retail businesses

One very effective form of advertising for a retail business is mail out fliers. If you can promote your business by advertising sales and special deals to the people that live in the general area, you can increase sales for the year. So, how do you go about starting a mail-out campaign? First, you have to design the advertisement and find a printing service to have the advertisements made. I have learned quite a bit over the years that could help you create an effective advertisement for your business and keep the cost of printing to a minimum. Hopefully, you find all that you need to kick off an excellent campaign.

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