Businesses Adopt Laser Printers For 4 Reasons

Posted on: 28 October 2022

Laser printers appear regularly in a wide range of business environments. Not every organization has adopted them, though. If you're planning your company's business printing strategy, it's a good idea to think about these four reasons why operations often use laser printing.


All ink-based systems require regular refills, even if they're designed with large tanks meant for continuous consumption. The toner cartridges for laser printers rated for business use can usually get thousands or even tens of thousands of printed pages from each cartridge.

It is a good idea to talk with a professional before buying a model to ensure you're getting the right setup for your needs. Some law firms, financial practices, and other paper-intensive businesses may need models with cartridges that print tens of thousands of pages per month or even per week. A dealer can point you toward the right system for your application.

Low or No Color Requirements

Most folks who use laser printers prefer to employ ones that print solely in black and white. There are color printing options available for laser-based systems, but users who employ them usually still don't need tons of color. Notably, laser printers that do color don't support more than the standard CMYK color profile. This makes them less than ideal for photo-quality prints.

Laser printers are popular for office usage, but many businesses will also keep ink printers for more colorful and glossy products. Once more, the key is to match the printer to your specific use.

Repeatability and Precision

Laser printers deliver crisp printing, especially text, and they can do this over and over. The repeatability of the quality is such that printed pages will be indistinguishable from each other in everyday use, unlike the occasional blotchiness of ink printers.

Likewise, every letter will be precisely rendered. This makes laser printers appealing for businesses in industries like law and medicine where errors can mean liability. Ink can smudge, and its consistency is questionable in many applications where there isn't time to review quality. Laser systems are the can't-miss solution for businesses that need crisp results quickly.


Generally, laser printers have lower long-term costs. You will usually get more mileage out of a toner cartridge than one with ink in it. Likewise, black-and-white systems are available without color, and that minimizes the classic inkjet headache of the printer forcing you to replace the color cartridges before you can proceed with a black-and-white print.

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