Commercial Printing: 3 Valuable Things To Keep In Mind

Posted on: 28 April 2021

If your small business needs labels or other related materials printed, you'll likely need to look beyond the outdated printer in the corner of the office. Fortunately, commercial printing companies offer a huge variety of services to suit whatever needs your business has. Before you dash out an email or pick up the phone, take a look below at just three things you should keep in mind when you start to place your order.

Paper Stock

Even in an increasingly digital world, there are still hundreds of types of paper. Which paper stock you choose will depend largely on factors unique to your company's planned print run. For example, if you're thinking of printing papers that will be mailed, you'll likely want thin paper stock that will lower your overall shipping costs. On the other hand, detailed die-cuts will almost certainly require thicker stock to make the details pop. You'll also need to consider whether your use case requires the paper to be resistant to water or hot and cold temperatures. 

Printing Services

It may sound redundant to consider printing services when thinking about ordering, but that's exactly what you should keep in mind. Digital printing services, for example, are perfect for quick, low-cost print runs of flyers, cards, or even pamphlets. Digital printing is also the preferred service when trying to tackle larger projects such as vinyl banners and huge posters. That said, your small business may find that offset lithography is a better service. Business cards and catalogs are just two examples of things that are commonly printed using lithographs. Make sure to talk to your local commercial printing company to decide which one is right for your situation.

Extra Details

Printing doesn't have to be boring. Black and white or color images on paper may be enough for most jobs, but if you really want people to pay attention to your printed materials, keep in mind that most commercial printing services can easily add extra details as well. One thing that will definitely draw attention is the use of metallic ink. This ink has reflective properties that can make outlines of images shine or glitter in the light. Embossing is also a common technique that most commercial printing services will be capable of performing. With this, you can quite literally feel the raised image under your fingers, and thus make your printed material stand out all the more.

Contact a commercial printing service for more information. 


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