Three Reasons To Find A Copier For Sale

Posted on: 18 August 2020

Part of running a business properly is having the right equipment to handle daily business operations. Some businesses rent or borrow equipment, but that isn't usually the most practical approach. Another part of running a business properly is spending money wisely and getting the most out of what you spend. Copy machines are needed in most companies, and they can be a great asset as far as how well you are able to manage records. There are a few reasons why finding a company that provides copier sales can help your company right now in a positive way.

Buy Instead of Lease to Save

Many companies lease their copiers or simply rent a copier for a particularly busy time. If it appears that you will be needing a copier indefinitely, there are major savings when you buy instead of lease. Leasing does give a company a monthly payment option, but it's possible to buy on terms as well. There will be the added cost of interest, but then you will actually own your machine. If you can afford to pay for a copier upfront without financing, that is the most cost-effective option. Depending on the size and features of a copier, it can cost several hundred or several thousand dollars, but it will save you money in the long run. 

Equipment Warranties

Many brand-new copiers are cheaper to maintain as well. When you lease a copier, you will also likely have to pay monthly maintenance fees to keep it maintained. Leased equipment is often used and will often require more repairs. When you buy a new copier, it is covered by a standard warranty. Many new copiers also have inexpensive upfront extended warranty programs that are far less expensive than what you'd pay to regularly maintain leased equipment. So you can save hundreds, if not thousands, a year on a new copier thanks to the upfront warranties you can get with new equipment. 

Buy Several and Get a Discount

Another way you can save with a company that does copier sales is to find out about buying several machines at once. When you buy multiple machines for a large company, there may be certain rebates and discounts that come from a bulk purchase. Sometimes, these sales can have negotiable terms, or there may be times when new models from the previous year are needing to be unloaded and discounts may be offered.

If you have the cash to buy up front, that's the best way to get a copier for your company. Even if you can make a large down payment and then make smaller payments, that will be less expensive than leasing in most cases. A copier sales company can get you the best available options for new copiers in your area.


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