3 Advantages of Using an Outsource Fulfillment Service for Your Small Business

Posted on: 23 April 2020

If you are running a small business, you don't have to take on all the tasks of running your business on your own. It is more than okay to outsource some of the necessary tasks of running your small business. One task that you may want to consider outsourcing is your fulfillment process. Fulfillment is the process of getting your products out to your customers, including elements such as storage, packaging, and shipping.

Advantage #1: Extra Storage Space

When you use a fulfillment service to mail your products to your customers, you will send your products in bulk to their location. They will then take the products from you and keep them at their facility. This will free up space in your home or garage that you have been using to store the products. You can use the space where you were previously storing your products for other business uses. Additionally, you can create and store more products now that you are storing them at a remote storage facility. You will have more space to build up your inventory.  

Advantage #2: Reduce Packing Times

Fulfilling an order involves gathering the products, wrapping them up properly, then putting them in an appropriately sized box and labeling the package. This process may not seem that time consuming when you are only sending out a couple of packages a day, but when your orders ramp up and you are sending out twenty or fifty packages a day, preparing your packages can become the only thing filling up your time.

With a fulfillment service, you just have to provide them with the information for the order. They will then gather up all the items for the order, package them in a box, and send them out. This can save you so much time every week and allow you to affordably scale-up your business and the number of products you are sending out each week.

Advantage #3: Get Your Time Back

One of the biggest advantages of using a fulfillment service is you will get time back to focus on things that help grow your business, such as creating new pins for Pinterest, creating Facebook advertisements, writing engaging emails and content for your blog, or developing new products. You can focus on the elements of your business that you thrive at, and you can leave the manual labor of packaging your products and sending them out to someone else.

Using a fulfillment service as a small business will allow you to store your products somewhere other than your home. You will have more space to stockpile products and more help fulfilling and sending out orders. Using a fulfillment service will allow you to focus on the tasks that allow your business to thrive.


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