Choosing A Printer For A Photography Studio

Posted on: 20 January 2020

The Dawn Of The Digital New Age Changed Everything

When cameras switched from film to digital, the use of photo labs to actually print the pictures began to decline. These days, many people are content to keep their photographs in digital form indefinitely. However, unique photos from special occasions such as weddings or family portraits are often desired to be made into prints. Unfortunately, taking digital files to a lab at a big box or drug store can result in pictures that have a color cast or that are printed on flimsy paper. 

Labs that exist online can be a life-saver, but unless the customer is computer savvy and understands things like color profiles and dpi, the process of ordering prints online can be intimidating.

Why Photo Studios Should Print In-House

Purchasing a printer that can produce high-quality photographic prints is a large investment, but the clients of a photo studio will appreciate having the option of printing their photographs in-house. There are several different reasons why owning a printer and cutting out the middle man of a lab just makes sense.

Custom Color Calibration

One of the best reasons to print at the studio is so that the color profile can be calibrated and readjusted between the raw image on the computer and the finished print of the image. Being able to adjust the color profile will result in more accurate skin tones and overall more beautiful photographic prints. Being able to handpick the paper the images are printed on will also ensure that the color looks accurate.

Client Packages

In this age of digital photography, the client often walks away with only digital images. Later the client may want to print the images but may run into problems with copyright issues or finding a decent lab to make prints. Offering different packages that are printed at the studio can capture money that will be spent elsewhere with inferior results. It may not have even occurred to a client to get prints made but seeing examples on display at the studio may inspire them to purchase a package.

Choosing The Right Printer

Each photo studio caters to different types of clientele. This will affect the type of printer that should be purchased. A studio that is shooting large scale objects like cars might want to invest in a large format printer, while a studio that focuses on family photography might want a printer that can produce wallet-size prints. It all comes down to what size the clients are likely to order, and the prints need to be fine art quality or just good enough to go into a picture frame in a home. Look for laser and large format printers


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