Considering A Trade Show Display To Launch Your New Start-Up? Must Have Items

Posted on: 18 October 2019

If you are taking your start-up company to a local trade show and you hope that your booth is going to attract investors, new clients, new employees, and more, it has to make an impression. You want the booth to be attractive, interactive, and memorable.

With the right marketing materials, activities at the booth, and the best display and layout, you can be sure that your booth is memorable. Here are a few of the things that you want to put on your list of must-haves when it comes to designing the booth.

Properly Staffed

Make sure that you have the staff to run the trade show so you don't have one person just sitting there alone. You want one person engaging with people and explaining things, another trying to lure people to your booth, and potentially another getting people signed up for emails and handing out bags and items. This is important if you don't want to miss out on all the people you can reach out to at the trade show that day.

High-Quality Display Items

You want to have high-quality printed display items for the booth. This includes everything from vinyl banners and cardboard cutouts to the pamphlets or promotional items you are giving away.

You may want the entire backdrop of your booth to be a high-quality picture of a past project, or plans that you have for the future. Reach out to trade show display printing services if you have additional questions about your options or if you need help with something in particular.

Interactive Options

Having tablets, interactive goggles with electronics, and other interactive options is great. The trade show attendees can flip through photos, view slides of information, go through virtual tours, and look at different products. Not only does this help them visualize everything that your business can do, but it's also something that the people won't forget.

A trade show can attract thousands of people, and you want to be sure that all of the people that take the time to go to your booth are interested and engaged. Your booth should make them want to be a part of your business or want to be someone who uses or benefits from your business. Get a list together of all the must-have items for the event, and then start ordering what you think you are going to need to get the best setup.


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