Choices When Customizing Labels For Your Handmade Products

Posted on: 9 July 2019

When you create your own products, whether they're food or beauty related, they need to have attractive and informative labels. Since the labels help sell your products, having them professionally designed and printed is usually the best idea. Plus, when you choose professional label printing, you have many more options in how the labels look on your products. Here are some options for customizing your order.

Determine How You Want The Labels Supplied

Labels can be printed on sheets or rolls. They can even be individually cut for you. Think about how you'll apply the labels when you choose how you want them supplied. If you're applying them by hand, then sheet or roll labels will work. However, if you only need a small number of labels for selling products at a local festival booth or online, then ordering by the sheet may be better than buying a huge roll at a time. If you move a lot of your products, then buying them by the roll is a good choice since you can slip the roll into a device for quick and easy application.

Select The Label Type

Labels are printed on different materials that have different qualities. You might want waterproof materials for beverage bottles or beauty products used in the shower. You can choose glossy or matte labels and white, color, or transparent backgrounds. You can even choose vinyl, paper, or polyester labels. Some labels are permanent while others are removable. Making the right choice when it comes to the type of label is important since the right label conveys a message about your product. You may want a craft paper label for handmade soap or a transparent label on a food product sold in pretty glass jars.

Choose The Shape Of The Label

Labels don't have to be rectangular. They can be shaped to match the shape of your packaging or made into unique shapes, such as hearts. Labels can be made into different sizes too so they are a good match for tiny bottles up to large food containers. No matter their shape or size, the text on the label should be easy to read and convey important information to your buyers.

Consider Help With Your Choices

The artwork and text on your labels are important because they are marketing and branding tools. It could be worth paying extra for label design because it could result in more sales. Once you have your design, you may want help from the label printing company in choosing the right material for printing your labels to match the types of containers you use.


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