3 Considerations To Help You Purchase The Perfect Office Copier

Posted on: 15 April 2018

A copy machine serves as a central hub for many offices. Replicating documents and scanning important papers into an electronic database are important tasks that your employees complete each day. A functional copy machine is critical to the success of your office.

If you are in the market for a new copier, carefully consider the features that will boost productivity and help streamline your office function.

1. Consider your copy volume.

Before you invest in a new copy machine, you should take the time to determine how many copies your office is making on a daily basis, Most copy machines keep a tally of the number of copies they produce. You can locate this tally through the settings menu on your existing copier.

Use the existing tally as a starting point, then overestimate your copy needs based on that baseline. By planning for more copies than you will actually need, you can select a new copier with the capability of meeting your copy volume demands with ease.

2. Consider copy speed.

Copy volume and copy speed are features that are closely related to one another. If your copy volume is low, then the speed at which your office's copy machine can reproduce images won't make much of a difference. If your office is copying a large number of documents on a daily basis, then copy speed can have a dramatic impact on productivity.

You will want to look for a copier that can quickly generate replicated images in order to reduce the amount of time that employees spend waiting for copies each day. A fast copier can also boost office morale, as employees will be less likely to become frustrated as wait times for copy production are reduced.

3. Consider whether or not you need color.

An important consideration that you must make when investing in a new copy machine for your office is whether or not you need a machine that can produce color copies. Determine how often you make color copies, then weigh this demand against the added costs of a color copier.

Machines that can produce color copies often go through more toner, have more expensive ink cartridges, and cost more to purchase than copier models that print in black and white only. If you don't make a lot of color copies, it will probably be more affordable for you to outsource your color copy requests rather than copying them in-office.

Don't forget to keep an eye out for copier sales when looking for a new machine as well.


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