What Should Packaging Do For Your Products?

Posted on: 14 February 2018

So much work goes into the design, creation, marketing and selling of your products. By the time customers place orders you can feel proud of what you've accomplished. However, the company's job isn't done until you can guarantee successful delivery of what people have ordered. You may be doing this well, but if you're not thinking about packing materials and packaging, you could be doing better. What should packaging be doing for you?

Catching the Eye

Imagine you're a customer: you probably get letters, bills and packages often. But when you've ordered something you're excited to receive, wouldn't it be nice to see it coming before you open it? A shiny mailer or brightly-colored or unique-shaped box can allow your company to make a positive impact on your customers as soon as they see it. Even though you've got to stay within a budget, look for pretty and colored materials to make packages look striking.

This can be done in many ways; even the type of printing you select can send a message. Whether you utilize silkscreening to paint boxes or a die-cut technique to stamp boxes, this attention to detail is smart.

Simplifying Information

Whether you're sending a vase, necklace or t-shirt, it's common to explain to the customer how to care for or clean the product. You'll also want to lay out a refund or exchange policy. Rather than delivering multiple bulky papers with your beautiful product, try miniature folding. This process shrinks down typed information to smaller papers that can be folded and inserted into the package with your products. That way, the customer can get product information without having to locate a special place for all those larger papers. This saves space while still relaying important details. This folding process is even more appropriate when your products themselves are small.

Expressing Your Brand

As you work on packaging materials, it can be easy to select things that appeal to you personally. This can be risky, as your personal preferences may not always be in alignment with your business brand. If you personally enjoy splashy, bright colors and zany lettering, for instance, that might not adequately reflect your traditional, elegant brand. Keep brand identity in mind as you work with materials and assemble packaging products.

Your company's products deserve to be packed properly and attractively. Work with various suppliers and packaging experts to feel confident that your products fare well as they travel to customers.


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