Smudged Ink: Copier Repairs To Create Clean Copies Every Time

Posted on: 14 March 2017

When making copies, you may notice that ink smears or extra blots appear on the page, and everything is not as smooth as it should be. This can create major problems for your copies, especially if you are dealing with professional documents and other items. Before you head out to purchase a new copier, you should consider getting your copier repaired. A copier repair company often features on-site services that can help eliminate any copier issues and make all of your copies come out smooth and clean.

Copier Cleaning

One of the basic repairs to help remove ink problems is a cleaning of the copier. During this process, copier technicians will take apart the device, clean multiple parts, and remove any parts that may be causing the ink blots and problems. For example, if you are noticing the same type of ink smudge on every page you copy, then there may be a chunk of toner or ink that is stuck to a spool or another part of the copier. By thoroughly cleaning the device, you can eliminate these problems and it will also allow your copy machine to perform better.

Toner Leaking Repair

Another reason that you may see smudges or ink spots on documents is if the toner chamber has a leak in it. Over time, these parts of the copier can crack or not hold up like they used to. In this case, a repair technician can remove the toner drum unit and replace it with a brand new one. A brand new unit can deliver clean copies and eliminate any of the problems that have occurred. Once the new unit is installed, tests will be run to see if there is any lingering ink traveling through the system. If there is, then the technician will proceed to clean out the copier even further.

Paper Jams

It seems like paper jams are unavoidable in the world of copiers and printers. After a jam has occurred, you may not realize that there are still small pieces and specks of paper causing issues with the machine. If this is the case, then a copier technician can examine the machine for these small particles. It only takes one little piece of paper to create all kinds of copying issues. Once the paper is fully removed from the copier, you can proceed with normal printing functions and no more smudged ink.

Being of aware of these issues can also help you recognize any problems in the future. Contact a company like Computer & Printer Repair to learn more.


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