4 Ways To Spice Up Your Business Cards

Posted on: 11 November 2015

Despite the use of the internet as a means of business promotion, business cards remain an easy method of promoting your business during face-to-face gatherings. There are ways to make your next batch of business cards stand out and give your business a professional appearance.

Change The Feel

Make your business cards appeal to the tactile sense of the recipients. The least expensive way is to upgrade the cardstock used. A heavy-weight cardstock with have a nice feel in the hands of your recipient, which adds to the uniqueness. Some cardstocks also have texture, which can also add tactile interest.

Many people are choosing to forgo cardstock in favor of plastic business cards, made from PVC. The plastic is sturdier than cardstock and can withstand contact with water. There are many color options for plastic business cards, but you may want to stay away from transparent business cards. If you have invested a considerable amount of money in upgrading your business cards, you do not want to choose a design that becomes virtually invisible lying on a table.

Use A Different Shape Or Size

Business cards with a different shape also makes your cards stand out. When choosing a unique shape for your business cards, you will need to consider any potential drawbacks. Most wallets are designed to hold cards of a specific dimension, so this can make it more difficult for cards with a unique shape or size to be carried. A popular unique shape for business cards is square, but circles and triangles are among other options. Some business card manufacturers also offer business cards that are smaller or larger than the typical size.

Make Your Card Interactive

Although QR codes are still useful on business cards, NFC technology is the newer trend in making your cards interactive. If the recipient has a mobile device with NFC technology, they can simply tap their device against the card and initiate an action you have programmed. This is an interesting way to integrate your social media accounts and business website into your business card. You can also program the chip so recipients can call you automatically, without typing in your number.

Another interesting use of NFC technology is for creative professionals. You may want recipients to listen to a demo of the music you create or view a video of you painting. NFC technology can lead the recipient right to a music download or video, and this can be a less intrusive way of promoting yourself. If you are uncertain whether to include a QR code or NFC technology on your card, choose both to make sure most mobile devices can function with your card.

Consider Gift Cards

As long as you have a card reader, you may want to create gift cards with your business information on the front and offer recipients a small discount if they purchase merchandise and swipe their card. You can make the incentive more interesting by keeping the amount of their discount a mystery until they swipe their card.

A plastic business card will initially attract attention because recipients will not expect the same type of cards used for identification badges and gift cards. Furthermore, the lure of a discount will increase the likelihood recipients will hold on to your card and actually stop by your business.

Instead of sticking with the traditional business card, you need to find ways to encourage recipients to keep your business card and remember you. By making your cards more distinct, recipients are more likely to remember your business, even if they cannot find your card.

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