Restaurant Rack Card Printing: 5 Expert Design Tips

Posted on: 11 June 2015

The printing of rack cards is a great way to offer quick information for tourists and visitors to your area. The success of a rack card depends on the creation of eye-catching graphics that people will grab quickly as they pass the rack. If you're a restaurant owner, there are multiple ways to draw attention to the rack cards. Once customers get their hands on these cards, you can draw them to your restaurant and help increase business.

Use the following five tips when planning out your rack card printing design. 

Top Card Image

When rack cards are displayed, it's often the top of the card that is prominently seen. This makes the top the most important part of your design. You want to create something that is eye-catching and gets the point across. For restaurants, there are multiple ways to showcase this.

  • Signature Meal: An eye-popping picture of a signature meal will draw visual attention from people. The image should reach the edges of the rack card and you should stick to one meal so the top of the card doesn't look too cluttered. Follow tips to capture the best food image possible.
  • Restaurant Logo: Grab attention with the name of your restaurant. Logos often feature mascots or food designs that can convey the name of your restaurant along with additional details like the food you serve.
  • Restaurant Image: Draw people's attention with an image of the interior of your restaurant. This can be used in a number of different ways. For example, if you have a sports bar, you can feature the bar and the big screen televisions that are used to watch sports.


Make your restaurant rack card something that is worth pulling out. By adding a coupon to the card, people will be more inclined to keep the card whether they use the coupon or not. When creating a coupon for the card, try to keep it as general as possible. Adding an expiration date will force you to replace the rack cards after a specific amount of time.

Creating coupons for specific days will limit when guests can visit your restaurant. A general percentage off or buy one get one half off coupon is a great way to draw in customers and actually get them to use the coupon.

Nearby Attractions

Work with other businesses to feature each other as nearby attractions. This can help spread your presence on other rack cards and create a way for families to plan day trips and include your restaurants in the process.

Examples of nearby attractions include shopping plazas, movie theaters, amusement parks, and lodging areas. Once the design is complete, you can work with other businesses to exchange the service. When people see your business on other rack cards, they may grab your card and help increase business.

Restaurant Theme

It's important to give off a clear message of what your restaurant includes. You do not want to confuse customers and have them drawn to other restaurants with more emphasized themes.

For example, if your restaurant has an Italian theme, then you want to convey this through the colors and design of the card. If you have a seafood restaurant, blue colors and sea images can help convey this.

Back of the Card

While the front of the card is important for eye-catching details, the back of the card can be used for expanded information.

  • Social Media Links: Allow visitors to find out more information by supplying links to social media accounts. This is another way to give visitors additional access to coupons, too.
  • Full Menu: Small print can be used on the back of a card to display as much of the menu as possible. This is also a good place to list the specials for your restaurant. Signature dishes can draw a lot of customers.
  • QR Codes: For expanded menus, videos, and other information, it's easy to add a linked QR code to the back of your rack card. This code can open up a lot more information and expand the value of your card.

Plan out your card so that it can last for at least six months. Take extra time to look over everything and ensure that it fits all your needs. For more information about getting cards for your business, visit


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