The Proof Is In The Paper: 4 Reasons To Order Physical Proofs Before You Print

Posted on: 29 April 2015

With the high speed of Internet communications, many people choose to proof printed products online before they place their final order. This allows items such as flyers and business cards to reach you more quickly. While an online proof may be convenient, there are several reasons that you should order a physical proof before placing your final order, if you have the time. 

Catch More Typing and Spelling Errors 

Similar to composing an academic paper or a blog post, it can be difficult to catch common typing and spelling errors when you create and edit a flyer on a computer screen. If you spend a significant amount of time creating your flyer, you become familiar with the message you are intending to convey. After you make your flyer, your brain will automatically make you bypass small errors so that you read what you intended to write instead of what is actually on the screen

Printing a flyer to proofread puts the content you have been working on in a less familiar context, which will make your brain slow down and catch more common typing and spelling errors. While you have a printed proof, you should give it to someone who has not worked on its design to proofread it as well. They are more likely to catch errors than someone who is familiar with the project. 

Assess the Quality of the Paper

Flyers can be printed on several types of paper. You will have to select the weight of the paper, whether you want coated or un-coated paper, and which type of finish you want. These three factors influence the quality, clarity, and durability of your flyers. Unless you work in the print industry or have extensive experience with printing, it can be difficult to fully understand what final product various weights, coatings, and finishes will achieve. While you can examine samples of similar types of paper, it is important to see how your design will print on the paper type that you select. 

Check Image Quality 

Images that look great on a computer screen can look blurry or muddled when they are printed. Depending on what type of printer your flyer will be printed on, you need to make sure your images are scaled to an acceptable ppi (pixels-per-inch). For most print purposes, that means images must have a size of at least 200-ppi. However, you can sometimes get away with a lower ppi if your image is not detailed, and you will need around 300-ppi if your image has a lot of detail. 

Although a professional can help you determine whether your images should print clearly based on the files you send them, a physical proof is necessary for you to be sure that your images will appear sharp when they are printed using your selected paper and printer.

Test Your Flyer

Printing a small amount of proofs of your flyers allows you to test them with their intended audience. Once you have physical flyers, you should give them to a few people in your intended demographic. Ask them for their opinion on the clarity and attractiveness of the flyer. You can take their feedback into account and make basic adjustments to your text and color scheme before printing your final product. 

While ordering a physical proof may be better for your final product, you might not always have time. If you need your flyers overnight, consider breaking your order into two parts. You can order a small amount of next day flyers, and consider that day your market-testing day. Near the end of the day, you can make changes to your flyers and order the rest of the flyers you will need for the current event or future events. 


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